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nike air force 1 ac black and white ukaku
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Adam Wathan

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April 6, 2016

This post is adapted from my book + video course, "Refactoring to Collections" . Learn more about it .

Dealing with arrays in form submissions is a pain in the ass.

Imagine you need to build a page that allows users to add multiple contacts at once. If a contact has a name , email , and occupation , ideally the incoming request would look something like this:

The problem is that crafting a form that actually submits this format is surprisingly complicated.

If you haven't had to do this before, you might think you can get away with something like this, using just a pinch of JavaScript to duplicate the form fields while keeping all of the field names the same:

...but this gives you a request that looks like this:

To get the form to submit in the correct format, you need to give each set of fields an explicit index:

...which means that when you add another set of fields, you need to change the name of every input, incrementing the index by one.

Doesn't seem too unreasonable at first, just count the sets of fields and add one for the new set right?

Wrong! What if a user removes a set of fields? Or two sets of fields? Now there might only be 3 sets remaining but the last set still has an index of 4, so just counting the fields is going to result in a collision.

So what can you do? Well, you have a few options:

All of a sudden this seems like a lot more work on the front-end than you signed up for! But there's one other option:

Submit the data in a different format and deal with it on the server.

As long as we aren't nesting past the empty square brackets, PHP is happy to let us leave out the index. So what you'll commonly see people do in this situation (and what you may have done yourself) is name the form fields like this:

The benefit of course is that now we don't have to keep track of the index. We can reuse the same markup for every set of fields, never worrying about the total number of fields in the form, or what happens when a set of fields is removed. Excellent!

The disadvantage is that now our incoming request looks like this:


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"How You Too Can Take Perfectly Sharp iPhone Night Photos"

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How You Too Can Take Perfectly Sharp iPhone Night Photos

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Symmetry in photography creates a powerful visual impact which is bothappealing and intriguing. In this tutorial, you’ll discoverusefultechniques for creatingsymmetrical compositions such ashow to look for symmetry while you’re out shooting and how to compose your shotsfor maximum impact. You’ll also be introduced to some iPhone apps for creating symmetrical photos in situations where you can’t find any natural symmetry in the scene.

The dictionarydefinition of symmetry is “The quality of something that has two sides, or halves, that are the same or very close in size, shape and position.”

Note that we are not exclusively talking about mirror images. So an image with a road or path down the middle with similar objects on either side constitutes a symmetrical image.

When I look for symmetrical images, I keep an eye out for lines, or objects that nike air max 1 vt gorge green/black explore
. Then, I look for either a vertical line of symmetry or a horizontal line of symmetry.

As you’re probably aware, we’re hardwired to find symmetry attractive. The most obvious example is that we tend to find people with symmetrical faces to be more attractive than those with asymmetrical faces.

Symmetry provides our brains, which are always looking for structure and patterns in the world, with a sense of harmony. Symmetry is also aesthetically pleasing because of the balance it provides in an image.

Let’s now take a look at how to create stunningsymmetrical compositions with your iPhone.

In order to create a symmetrical image, you must ensureyour camera’s sensor is parallel to your subject. What that means is that if you were to holdyour iPhone rightup to the subject, it would lay flat against it.

Any sort of tilt will result in lines that are slightly off, which can drive our brains crazy!

This type of shot can be tricky because you haveto be completely centered, with youriPhone parallel to the wall in front of you. Any slight deviation, and the hallway would bethrown off center.

If you shoot from too low down with your iPhone tilted up, or too high up with your iPhone title down, you would end up with lines that converge slightly towards the top or bottom of the image which wouldn’t look so good.

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