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NOTE: To avoid serving stale content, ensure the Last-Modified-Timestamp (LMT) value on the origin server is updated to a newer timestamp than the LMT value of the current object.


Deletion : The purge action that removes the object from cache so that it is no longer available to be served to clients.Deletion operations result in an expensive GET request to the origin server, and prevents Akamai from serving this content stale if the origin server is down.


Content Provider (CP) Code : A CP code identifies a set, typically a subset, of content on your origin server. CP codes also provide additional granularity in reports and to track billing. Each contract has at least one CP code associated with it. You cannot apply the same CP code to content under more than one contract. If you are using Property Manager, see the Property Manager API (PAPI) to retrieve a list of CP codes available for a selected contract and group. PAPI also allows you to generate new CP codes, assign them to properties, and apply them within property rules.

Content Provider (CP) Code

Cache Key : The cache key is an index entry for an object in cache. By default, Akamai uses the entire uniform resource identifier (URI) and query string to identify cached objects. You can specify a custom cache key to cache different versions of an object based on differences in query parameters and other differences such as variations in device characteristics..

Cache Key

Cache Tag : An opaque label applied to content from the origin by way of the Edge-Cache-Tag header. Once a set of objects have been cached with a tag, they can be purged together with a single version 3 API call. You can apply many tags to any object, allowing you to purge by any overlapping set of classifications you define, such as black-friday , flash-sale , electronics , laptops , tablets . If an object matches any one of the tags in a purge request, then its cache will be refreshed. Note that cache tags are case-sensitive.

Cache Tag

Cache tag constraints:

If there are multiple Edge-Cache-Tag headers in the origin response, only the first is considered.

Tags in headers are derived from the ABNF token format. (see nike blazer black sneakers women
). Tag characters are limited to this set: [A-Za-z0-9!#$%'+-/.^_`~] .

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